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March 4, 2019

Things That Happen To You Vs. Things That Happen For You

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Lets talk about taking control of our lives and the events that transpire in it, because we are a result of everything we experience.  

The mentality is best summarized as things that happen to you, versus things that happen for you. Let’s dive a little deeper into that.

When things happen to you, it means that you believe you are merely the byproduct of the event, and not the focus. This is a victim mentality because things seem out of your control, and you inherit the situations you are presented. And having a passive relationship with the events in your life prompts you to be reactive in nature.

But, when you believe things happen for you, you realize everything plays a necessary role in your journey.  And it places you as the central focus for the events, because they are so uniquely essential to your development and path. It reminds you that there is a greater sense of purpose, a destination you are meant to reach, and the only way to get there is by embracing your current environment.

Sounds a little different huh? It’s not all reading between the lines, but the way you read is a choice. Do you want things to happen to you, where you aren’t even considered in the grander decision, or that things happen for you? Whatever happens is the logical next step in your adventure?

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