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June 4, 2019

The Value of Reputation with Kim Kaupe

Listen Now:

What do people think of you? Do they want to be affiliated with you? This is all a matter of reputation. Your reputation exists in so many different places, and it is really important to control the message that other people receive.  Especially in business, customers want to know that they are engaging with quality individuals who will be a good advocate for their brand. Kim Kaupe, the CEO of the SuperFan company takes it a step further, arguing that reputation is everything, and she’s got some good examples to prove it.  

This clip was taken from a conversation I recently had with Kim, who is our next Self Improvement Sit Down guest. In our talk, Kim elaborates on how reputation helps her align with companies who are a good fit, so delivers with high quality, sustaining her growth and reinforcing her reputation.  Hear more about it this Sunday when that episode goes live!

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