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September 29, 2020

The Power of Observation

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Any time someone asks me “Brian, how do you come up with a new idea every single day?” I respond with one word - “Observation”.

There is so much going on around us in the world, and a lot of it we cannot even perceive. But those things that we can perceive often present themselves in a way that only reveals the surface of what it means, the tip of the iceberg, and when you get inquisitive you can get into some really powerful realizations.

To observe is to notice the things going on around you as they are. While it doesn't sound profound it is very difficult to do because it demands your focused attention, which is being pulled at from all angles. You cannot dive deeper into a thought or concept until you become aware of it, and being observant of your surroundings allows you to access this depth that exists around us.

As you can probably hear, observation is not everything. It is merely the first step in a process that cascades into a much deeper opportunity for understanding. Everything has a history and series of associations tied to it, and gaining insight into that helps explain why that thing exists, not simply that it does. And also important to note, observation is not actionable, it is simply a mental process that provokes action. If you attract the right thing into your life and you observe that it’s there, nothing changes. It’s your exercising that opportunity that reaps the benefit you wanted in the first place.

So I challenge you to observe. Don’t just hear, listen. Don’t just look, see. There is so much out there to be explored and you must first know it’s there through observation before you can dive much deeper into it.

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