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April 24, 2023

The Physics Of Progress

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The impact of our personal development fundamentally involves one thing. Everything that you're learning about, trying out, and coming to understand is all with the intention that it helps you make forward progress in your life, business, health, and relationships. 

Tony Robbins goes on to say that “Happiness is progress” because there’s a deeply rooted part of ourselves that wants to see what we’re capable of, and as David Meltzer puts it we’re compelled by the idea that “we must be what we can be”.

But chasing this idea of making progress, without a real plan to achieve it, is wasteful. Branching off to another brilliant personal development mind, Tom Bilyeu from Impact Theory says that we must understand the physics of progress so that we can leverage it to maximize our growth.

Bilyeu breaks down the physics of progress into 4 parts: 

1) You need a goal. This is the outcome that everything must optimize around, and the more specific your goal the better you’ll be able to evaluate progress.  

2) You craft a hypothesis on the best approach you know of to achieve that goal. This pulls from your own experience, advice you’ve heard, and other data points you have access to. 

3) You run a test. You test your hypothesis and observe the results of how things went. 

4) You evaluate your outcomes against your goal and understand patterns, limiting factors, and new things to consider.

Then you go right back to the top, you start all over again with a new more informed goal and more information to formulate a new hypothesis.

This very closely mirrors the process I use to improve my life and work, which is called the “Think Plan Do Review” cycle. It follows the same steps as Bilyeu’s process to run through an iterative loop that helps you make progress toward any goal. 

If you can believe it, we’re one week away from the beginning of May, and with a fresh month comes a fresh opportunity to really start accelerating progress toward your goals. I do personal performance reviews and goal setting at the beginning of every month, and check this out because I’ve never done this before...

On May 1st I’m hosting a live workshop where I’m sharing the exact process I use to make sure I have a real plan to achieve all of my goals for the month. I’ll walk you step by step through the "Think Plan Do Review Cycle" so that you have the clarity, structure, and a roadmap to make May a huge win that builds momentum toward more success and accomplishment for the rest of the year!

This event is free to attend but there’s a limit to how many people can attend live. So if you’re interested, register now for May Momentum and reserve your free spot!

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