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May 30, 2023

The Missing Ingredient To Automatic Habits

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For years I was deeply frustrated with my own self improvement. I was reading a ton of books, listening to podcasts, and trying to fill every waking moment with more education. I was hoping that the next thing I consumed would have that world-changing insight so that I could start getting the results I had been working so hard for and that I felt I deserved.

In other words, I felt like all the effort I was putting into my self improvement wasn’t converting into anything, and I didn’t know why. But having been through that and studying this challenge in detail, I now know why.

Taking action is the mechanism for changing your life, there’s no doubt about that. Actions lead to results, and in particular new actions lead to new results. Get consistent with these actions so that they become habits and you’ll begin to compound and accelerate your progress in unimaginable ways.

Is probably what you’ve heard before…

I’d agree, it’s all very true but I’d add one very important caveat - Quality. It’s not just about taking action, it’s about taking quality action. And unfortunately when it comes to our habits they decay in quality over time.

When something becomes a habit, the mind's intention is to drive it to automaticity. This allows us to be more consistent in doing this thing, which is great, but it also causes it to become more unconscious. This means we’re less engaged and less attentive to our activity, which leads to lower quality. Like going through the motions of a morning routine instead of deeply experiencing it, or being half-there in a conversation with a loved one that deserves your full attention, the outcome of your actions depends on the level of engagement you have with them.

The solution to this is to live with more consciousness. To live with more presence and intention in everything we do, immersing ourselves deeper in it so that we can add our best to it. As long as you continue operating on the same unconscious habits you’ll be taking action passively and only within your comfort zone.

This leaves you wondering why your health, finances, and relationships aren’t changing even though you are taking consistent action. And it can be frustrating as you feel a disconnect between the effort you’re putting in and the results you’re getting out, making it harder to rationalize that the consistency is worthwhile.

The best way to have more intention and purpose in everything you do is to become more aware of your habits, check in on them on a daily basis, and reevaluate how they serve you so you can make real-time adjustments to your goals and expectations.

If you have a hard time staying consistent, feel like you’re stuck spinning your wheels in a plateau, and feel frustrated because you don’t have the time right now to do anything about it, let me share with you the most efficient way to take your self improvement processes to the next level...

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