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March 16, 2020

The Mean Girls and the Soul Sisters

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I want to share a snippet from the book I’m currently reading to prepare for an interview I have booked with an amazing, world changing guest! Her name is Radha Agrawal and her book is titled, Belong. There’s a part in the book I love about that compares the different voices you have in your head. But, she distinguishes the two as the “Mean Girls” and the “Soul Sisters”.

The Mean Girls are exactly what you’d expect from the movie. They’re comparing themselves to others to see how they stack up. They look for the imperfections and nitpicking away at the blemishes and things that are wrong. And they’re judgmental. When things are different they make assumptions that are rooted in negativity, scarcity, and poor intentions.

Then there are the Soul Sisters. They look at others and they’re inspired and interested. They have a lens of positivity and gratitude, and see things for what’s right not for what’s wrong. And they’re curious, in search of ways to better understand and integrate their models than finding the differences.

If you didn’t hear it already, the Mean Girls and the Soul Sisters directly contrast each other. When looking at others, you can come from a place of comparison, or inspiration. When looking at the quality of something, you can notice the imperfections, or be grateful for the things that are right. And when things are different, you can either judge or be curious.

Each of these three points are all a matter of perspective. It’s the way we choose to see things in the world, and living like a Soul Sister is way better than living like a Mean Girl.

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