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November 18, 2019

The Difference a Year Can Make

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This world is amazing. Life is amazing. Life is a delicate dance that involves growth, focus, commitment, and responsibility. We’re all just doing our best with it, and that’s exactly how it’s meant to be.

But a crazy thing about life is how quickly and completely things can change. It’s hard to believe because you don’t see it too much on a daily basis, change is difficult to measure. But over time, when small changes have the chance to accumulate, you can see the product of their action much more clearly.

Think about where you were one year ago. I was still just starting in my new job, I had just entered a new relationship, and I was considering uprooting my life and moving out of town. I was making videos on LinkedIn and slowly trying to grow my network, but things didn’t really feel like they were in motion.

Now, I am settled into and a major contributor at work. I am one year into and have taken many steps forward in my relationship, and I did make the move and have found a new home in San Diego. My LinkedIn videos turned into a TEDX speaking opportunity, and my network has grown immensely as a byproduct of the podcast and my efforts at work. But, none of that stuff happened overnight, it all took time, and viewing everything from the lens of one year is a great way to see that change.

Then, I was challenged to predict where I would be in one year. I thought, not much has changed, but then was reminded of how much happens in a year, and I was able to get more ambitious. So, I challenge you to reflect on where you were a year ago, the growth you’ve experienced since then, and set a goal for where you want to be in one year. It’s a fulfilling, rewarding, and motivating exercise all in one.

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