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July 10, 2024

The 3 Sources Of Discipline

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The missing factor that’s keeping many people from leveling up their life is self-discipline. They know what they need to do but they don’t do it consistently.

Whether they get distracted, talk themselves out of it, or can’t find the motivation to take action, a lack of self-discipline leaves so much potential on the table.

But I think self-discipline is a bit misunderstood. It’s not staying consistent at all costs like most people think...

I disagree with the idea that there are ‘non-negotiables’ in life. True self-discipline is about consistently making the choice that most serves you and want you want most in life, even when you don’t feel like it. 

When you think of self-discipline, you probably relate it with having self-control. But as it turns out that’s just one of 3 sources for discipline.

But starting there, using self-control to be disciplined is the approach of using your willpower. It’s about consciously making yourself do something. It’s an effortful push get yourself into action and often works against the grain of your life.

Which leads us to the second source for discipline - environment. This is the natural flow that life is pulling you toward. When uninterrupted, your environment will guide you to wherever it is designed to take you. There are tactical things you can do to your environment to change where this force pulls you, which ultimately makes consistency more or less difficult depending on the design.

And the 3rd source of discipline is identity, which is basically your personal set of beliefs. Identity is a specific form of environment but rather than it being externally driven, it’s internally produced. Your beliefs shape your choices unconsciously and guides your actions. When doing something violates a belief you have, it creates resistance. When something is in alignment with a belief, it becomes easy and automatic. 

So if you want to be more disciplined, you need to think beyond willpower.

First, find ways to shift your environment to support positive action... And second, upgrade your belief system so that you genuinely see yourself as an accountable action taker in everything you do.

If you want support in doing both of those, that’s what the 21 Day Super Habits Challenge is all about. You complete a 21 day subconscious priming audio program called Discipline on Demand to transform your mindset, and you install a new life-operating system that shifts your environment and support you in being more consistent with you health habits and more productive overall.

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