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January 3, 2019

Take Ownership

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As you have probably noticed, every single day I talk about taking ownership of your personal development. But, what does that mean?

To take ownership is to take full responsibility for what happens. It means that no matter what result is achieved, it comes from your effort and your effort alone. It places all of the accountability on yourself so that you are intrinsically driven to perform when you can’t point the finger anywhere else but at yourself.  

Specifically within personal development, taking ownership is an absolute necessity. It’s called personal development because it is a very personal thing because you are doing it for yourself, by yourself, and having an ownership mentality makes the process that much more effective. Sure, it is still healthy to want to lose weight for your spouse, or to read more at night to be a better performer at work, but the intention to improve still exists within yourself. And that’s the important part here, because we get more done when that’s the case. 

We find more passion and motivation by work that reflects our capabilities as an individual. With nowhere to hide, we understand that the results we achieve are directly related to the actions we took to achieve them. And, as motivated as we are to succeed, we are way more motivated not to fail. Therefore, we go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to accomplish more. After all, we are all our own biggest fans!

So, take ownership of your personal development. Do it for yourself, and be unrelenting in your pursuit, because that is how you generate results. 

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