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May 15, 2019

"Take it day by day. Don't stress too much about tomorrow."

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“Take it day by day. Don’t stress too much about tomorrow”. I understand, and I’m guilty of it too, we all have a master plan that we are working toward. That master plan might not come into fruition for many weeks, months, or years. All of the work that needs to be done to get there might be daunting, but by giving it time, you’ll inch your way closer.

When it comes to stressing about tomorrow think about what that means. It means you are allowing something that is out of your control to affect your current mood. Maybe there’s a big event or family situation that is causing stress that won’t resolve for a few days, but even that future date is out of your control.

However, what you can do, and what you are in control of, is you can pick things to do in the moment that helps alleviate the gravity of the situation. Remember that you have the choice, and the ability to impact the situation immediately is an optimistic thought and a reminder that things will be okay.

So, “take it day by day. Don’t stress too much about tomorrow.”

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