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March 7, 2019

Subtracting Vs Adding

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I had a pretty big realization the other day that is testing my own definition for self improvement. My philosophy toward personal development is very similar to that presented in the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, which is all about how small things add on top of each other. For that reason, I have tried to instill great micro-habits that serve as the foundation for that growth, knowing I would reap the benefits in time as they compound on top of each other.

However, I now realize I haven’t paid enough attention to the complimentary part of that argument that the same things occurs with bad habits and poor decisions.  Removing the negative is just as important as adding the positive when it comes to personal development, and it’s something I want to spend some time exploring.

It’s not just about adding something new to your day to be more productive and feel like you got more done, it’s also about efficiency, and doing less of those things you know are wasting your time and energy. A good example is instead of focusing on how many days this week you worked out, start keeping note of how many nights you resisted the urge to make yourself a bowl of ice cream. It’s not as glamorous, but subtracting is just as effective as adding when creating a self-improvement lifestyle.

So, in your life, think about the things you might want to cut out and dedicate some of your attention in those areas to reap benefits. It’s not always about working harder, it’s also about working smarter.

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