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February 2, 2024


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When most people talk about wanting self-improvement in their lives, I think they actually want something more specific called “self-management”. Self management is one of the pillars of self-improvement and of all the pillars, it’s the thing that people struggle with the most.

People who want to make better dietary and health choices, the solution is better self-management. People who've made a commitment to themselves but they struggle to follow through on it, the solution is better self-management. People who give great advice but they don’t take it for themselves because they get in their own way, the solution is better self-management. People who spend too much time on their phone instead of in their work or present with loved ones need better self-management.

Self-management is a dynamic process that decides our daily living. When done well, it’s a careful and calculated balance that helps you engage in the right behaviors. This means that self-management is the actionable part of self-improvement and it’s in place to integrate your habits, address your needs, and hold you steady.

Going one step further, self-management is made up of two specific elements: Self-control and self-discipline.

Self-control is about being above the momentary impulses you feel and resisting an inclination to do something more pleasurable. Self-discipline is about consistently connecting your behavior with your overall goals. Good self-management involves high levels of self-control and self-discipline so that you effectively guide your behavior.

In my opinion, the reason most people fall short of the expectations they have for themselves is because they don’t have a strong enough self-management system. Instead of trying to rely on will-power and determination to enforce certain standards for yourself, you can incorporate new systems in your life that do the hard work for you. 

When you have a deliberate, defined process to create a certain result (aka a system), it creates efficiencies that allow you to achieve that result in less time and with less effort.

So now let’s be self-aware for a second. Reflecting on your intentions to listen to this podcast and reasons for investing in your self-improvement, is it for the purpose of building better habits, improving your mindset, making better choices, and living a higher quality life? 

If so, then you’re looking to change your behavior, and that falls directly into the category of improving your self-management.

And if you’re ready to take leaps forward in your self-management, I host a 21 day challenge to help you install the Super Habits System. This is a new life-operating system that gets you more consistent than ever with your health, multiplies your daily productivity, and transforms your mindset.

These 21 day challenges only run once a month and the next one starts on Monday! So if you’re serious about your self-improvement and want to make a year’s worth of progress in just 21 days, this is your ticket!

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