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November 8, 2018


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What do you do when you’re stressed?  Let’s say a bunch of things have gotten out of control and have added up in your life. How do you release that tension?  Did screaming cross your mind?

Screaming is a great way to get emotion out of your system. This works because emotion can’t really take a physical form, in fact, we usually suppress it. But, it is very healthy and natural to let it out of your system, and screaming is one of our most natural forms. Think about how we yell at the TV during sports, or how we raise our voices to ourselves when we make a mistake. Screaming definitely serves its purpose in society.

So scream, but do it when appropriate. You don’t want to scare your neighbor, or have anyone question your sanity, but find the right opportunity to get it done and you’ll feel better and refreshed. Just the other day I was having a tough day, and things weren’t going well, so I went on a run and, when it felt right. When I was alone, I gave out a good yell, and man did it feel good. Give it a try yourself the next time you need to get that emotion out of your system.

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