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January 12, 2020

Responding To My Big Mistake

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On apple podcasts, my episodes have been formatted wrong and new listeners haven’t been able to find my latest episodes. This pretty closely correlates with the growth of my podcast plateauing. The frustrating part is, had I not made this mistake, my podcast would probably be 150% as big as it is now.

I share all of that to demonstrate my mentality through this. I experienced every emotion from disappointment to gratitude, but what stood out was how I decided to take action. After understanding the problem, and seeing the two hour solution in front of me, I justified the work and began to work on it. That’s when my girlfriend, Irene,  very politely asked if she could try something and found a way to expedite the process expeditiously. She, then, went on to work on my behalf and rectify the mistake, and about a half hour later it was fixed.

Here, I want to highlight two important things. Upon realizing the problem, and its implications, I decided to adopt a forward thinking mindset. I knew I couldn’t change the past, so I did my best to take action and move forward as best as I could. However, my judgment was still clouded as I was suppressing emotion, and had it not been for Irene I would have taken really inefficient action. That’s the second point. Even when I was emotional, I should have taken more time to think through what those next action steps were.

With those two things in mind I am optimistically looking forward.

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