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July 21, 2019

Outcomes, Actions, Choices

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When it comes down to it, everything that we are working on comes down to outcomes. It could be an outcome like getting a raise, which is very externally facing, or it could be to gain more self awareness, which is entirely intrinsic. And even for those like myself who believe that you need to find joy in the journey not the destination, I would still argue that joy itself would be the outcome you are seeking in the journey.

Okay, now the question becomes. How do we go about getting the outcomes we seek? Well, an outcome is often broad and abstract, and it needs to be broken down into actionable steps if we want to begin making progress on it. So, the logical answer would be to take action. But, taking action comes in many forms. We often take action in ways that are detrimental to the outcomes we want to achieve without even knowing it! We need to think about if the action is contributing to the larger mission, or is it doing more harm than good? To be on the positive side of that, focused action is key to earning a result or outcome, and I would call that form of action “intentional action”.

Okay, let’s take one more step. How can you make sure you’re taking intentional action? Well, your actions are dictated by your choices, whether you’re conscious of those choices or not. So, being clear and intentional on your choices is fundamental to taking the right form of action.  

Now, let’s see it come full circle. Outcomes are a result of your actions. Actions are a product of your choices. So, if you want to achieve a certain outcome, you need to make the right choices and set yourself up for success!

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