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February 3, 2022

"Nothing is impossible."

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I learned something game-changing from John Assaraf that I wanted to share with you. He was talking about following your dreams and he said “the universe wouldn’t be so silly to give you a dream that you couldn’t achieve.” The implication here is that anything you can think of is possible, and John challenges you to overcome the limiting beliefs that hold you back and make you think  differently.

Talking about the universe we need to touch on the spiritual side of things. If you think about manifestation you need to think about quantum mechanics and our metaphysical world. The idea is that while we live in and can only perceive things in the physical world, there are dimensions that we cannot perceive but that still influence us. That’s the metaphysical world. My relationship with this is similar to John’s in that I believe that the possibilities we can imagine in our physical world represent the connections and opportunities that exist in our metaphysical world.

With that in mind I want to share today’s positivity quote - “Nothing is impossible”. It’s naive to think that you know what you’re capable of, and the fact that even the idea of something exists is evidence that it is real somewhere. I must say that It’s true that current technologies or circumstances can not achieve everything, but that does not mean it’s impossible. All that means is it can't be done right now.

So let’s end by dreaming and reflecting - What do you want in life that feels like it’s impossible?

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