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June 15, 2022

Never Regret List

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It feels like in life we are inundated with lists - To do lists for the day, a grocery list so that you can stock your fridge, lists of errands, lists of phone calls to make, the list goes on. But an additional list I was encouraged to make that has been game changing is called a "Never Regret List".

These are the things that you might not feel like doing in the moment, but you’re always glad that you did it. Those things that you know are best for you but they aren’t always prioritized. For me these are things like meditating, going for a walk outside, doing breath work, calling my grandma, and exercising. It feels good to do the things that serve you most.

But like I said, in the moment you might not feel like doing these things. They’re among the first things to be deprioritized because they’re often not mission-critical tasks. But by listing them out you give a voice to their importance and can start to build them into your day more often.

It also creates a sense of accountability. Consciously you want to do what’s best for you, and when you set the intention of never regretting doing these routines it creates a force that pushes you to do them when normally you’re being pulled away. Having the list helps our brain rationalize why we should do it rather than why we shouldn’t, which makes all the difference when it comes to actually taking action.

So to wrap this up, make your mental list right now! What are 5 things that you never regret doing?

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