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July 28, 2020

"Masks" - Spoken Word Poetry by Adam Roa

Listen Now:

It’s strange how normal this quarantine lifestyle has gotten. Social distancing 6 feet apart, bump elbows when you run into a friend, wash your hands in and out of the house. Perhaps the reason this has become so normal so fast is because it’s actually not all that different from what we do any way. It just is a more noticeable form of it.

That’s the premise of Adam Roa’s new, thought-provoking spoken word poem titled “Masks”. Sit back, open your heart, and have a listen. 

What Adam touches on is that our society has an authenticity issue. We feel like we need to be someone we’re not to accommodate for what others expect us to be, so we go on repressing our uniqueness and truth to gain the approval of others. But that’s no way to live, and our awareness of this idea can hopefully lead to a Renaissance of authenticity that allows everyone to be fully self-expressed, unhindered, and unstoppable!

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