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December 21, 2023

"Make your life your greatest piece of art."

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Featured by one of the most appreciated and enjoyed artists in modern history, the singer and songwriter Jewel, today’s positivity quote takes on an extra depth of meaning. She said this on Ed Mylett’s podcast: “Make your life your greatest piece of art.”

When we think about how we can be more creative in our lives, we default to thinking about traditional expressions of creativity like painting, dressing, singing, writing, dancing, or whatever it might be. And what’s interesting about is is how we approach the act of creating for these purposes - We have more patience, we’re willing to experiment more, we don’t judge ourselves harshly when things don’t turn out how we envisioned it, or even we’re open to liking things more once we see how new unintended styles come out.

Have you taken that same level of curiosity and openness to how you approach your life? Do you experiment with the balance you have between your work and play? Do you try new products, supplements, or diets to see how it changes your energy levels? Do you change the way you show up, tolerate, or enforce boundaries in relationships to see how it’s received by others?

This is what Jewel meant when she said to “make your life your greatest piece of art.” It requires some innovation, some trial and error, some ‘knowing how not to do things’ in order to really understand how you like to do things.

There was an experiment run in a ceramics class where half of the students were told they’d be graded based on the quality of a single piece of work, and the other half of the class would be graded based on the quantity of pieces they produced. At the end of the semester, it turned out that the group who created more pieces actually also created higher quality pieces than the group that had been working on one project the entire time.

What if that’s the same for our lives? What if we need to live multiple versions of our life to really know which is our best one?

Now I’m not suggesting that you completely uproot everything in the name of self-growth, but I am inviting you consider how this approach might be incorporated in more subtle ways to give you more feedback to work with. So what’s one thing that you want to experiment with in your life to help you incorporate the spirit of an artist in the way you live?

If you’re open to taking on a 21 day experiment, maybe you’d benefit from having a new life-operating system! I call it the Super Habits System where you incorporate the structure I’ve optimized for a decade to build new productivity routines, improved awareness in your health, real ways to upgrade your mindset, and a baseline process to run more micro experiments in your life in the name of finding your best version.

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