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April 22, 2019

Look At Your Phone With It Straight In Front Of You

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Well, we live in a world where everything is on our phones. There are many conversations about the impact this has on society like higher depression rates, less interpersonal connection. But, onething that might not get the attention it deserves is the effect smartphones have on our posture.

Recently, I met with Missy Lopez, the organizer of the event had an awesome tip I wanted to share.  She encourages everyone to use their phone with it straight in front of them. Wait what?

You heard me, arms straight and level with the floor, and keeping the phone at eye level. I know how weird this sounds, and it looks like you are constantly taking a picture, which could cause some awkward situations when in public. But, the trade-off might be worth it in certain scenarios.

Keeping your phone in this orientation helps you to straighten your neck and eliminate your hunching. It helps you restore a much more natural position that improves your posture.

With this improved posture, your muscles can relax, your alignment can be correct, and you significantly reduce strain. With the amount of time we spend on our phones every day, this is a huge opportunity for improvement.

So, if you want to give it a try, start slow.  First step could be to try it some time at home and see how it feels a few times throughout the day. Then, if you really want to get into the habit of it, make a plan to hold yourself accountable. Let’s make a point to take care of ourselves in every way we can, which includes our posture habits with our phone.

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