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January 16, 2020

Life Is Hard

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Life is hard.

It is. It really is, and it’s okay to feel that way. I think we all try to put on a thick skin so that we feel it a little less, and choose not to talk about it because it’s stigmatized that it reflects negatively on us as people. I’m sure we’d be surprised by the number of people we come across every single day who are struggling, but don’t have the confidence to share that with others. Life hurts when it doesn’t go according to plan. Life presents real challenges and obstacles, and the adjustments we make don’t always make things better. That’s just the reality of it.

Yea life is hard, but compared to what? Compared to not having this opportunity in the first place? Compared to what others are dealing with. The difficulty of life is a big spectrum and there’s no real point of relativity. The super wealthy have a difficult time finding and keeping genuine close relationships. The poor have a difficult time covering their basic dietary and sanitary needs. They’re both very different, and one sounds a whole lot worse than the other, but can we know for sure?

That is why I challenge you today to be mindful about the details of your life, and the challenges within it. What is it about your life that makes it hard? It’s probably something extremely specific and contextualized to your life. Then, the question becomes, what can you do about it? Yes, life is hard, and it’s okay to feel that way, but don’t let it restrict you. You are capable of the work required to make your situation better every day.

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