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August 18, 2020

Life Doesn't Get Easier, You Get Stronger

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Is there something that you once had to work so hard for, really applying yourself to get it done, and now the same thing seems to happen with relative ease? Well there's a reason for that. Life only gives you what you can handle. When these challenges are presented in your life, they are best viewed as the lesson and mechanism you needed to develop in an important way. But then over time they don’t feel as difficult, and it’s not because life got any easier, it’s because you got stronger.

Our bodies are designed to grow in response to the stresses that it is exposed to, and when you’re presented with a challenge, your body immediately adapts to accommodate the need. Physically you could strengthen your muscles to more easily meet the task. Mentally you can strengthen your capacity to memorize and recall information. And operatively you can strengthen your systems to efficiently produce a desired outcome. In all cases, the task didn’t change, it’s your capability to meet the task that did.

That’s the exciting opportunity! Every day when we meet our challenges we are pushed to grow. So it’s really important that you’re fighting the right battles and choosing the right challenges. In life you don’t climb to the level of your dreams, you fall to what you’re willing to tolerate. Approaching daily demands from this perspective allows you to see the power in your actions and become more resistant to the forces that weigh you down. You hold the key to your own development, and you decide where and how you grow. Life doesn’t get easier, you get stronger.

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