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December 29, 2023

Let's Go On A Living Spree!

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You know how people talk about going on a spending spree? How about we try going on a living spree! What if we entered a period of our life where we chase new adventures and experiences, build strong and real relationships, put ourselves out there chasing our dreams, and look back with pride at the progress we’ve made, and who we’ve become in the process.

Unlike a shopping spree, there’s no limit to a living spree. We’re not restricted by dollars and cents. The only resource you need for a major living spree is intention, which is abundant and knows no limits.

But trust me I know - This is easier said than done, and we need to be practical about the real things that have kept us from living life to the fullest. One element is distraction. We’re saying “yes” to so many things that it’s pushing the opportunity to live our best life out. Another element is clarity. What if we don’t know what we want, or how to get it?

The main thing holding us back going on a living spree, above all else, is fear. Fear that we’ll be perceived a certain way, that we’ll be judged for our decisions, that we’ll make others feel worse about themselves and their life, or embarrass ourselves by stepping into the unknown.

On the other side of this fear is the greatest opportunity for living your most fulfilling life - Will you choose to allow people to see the very best version of yourself?

Get the fear, doubt, insecurity out of the way and you’ve opened the door to your living spree.

Isn’t that what we all want? To feel capable of working really hard to make our biggest ambitions a reality. To have strong boundaries and say “no” to everything else that’s not a “heck yes!” To be intentional about your exercise, rest, and diet so that you take care of your body and mind, and allow yourself to experience life so presently.

It’s a big choice, but you don’t need to have it all figured out to get started. All you need to do is start betting on yourself, surrounding yourself with people who tell you that you can have it all instead of pointing out all of the reasons why you can’t, and taking your first step.

If you want my support with that, the first step for you to take is to register for the 21 day challenge that starts on January 1st to install the life operating system that permanently improves your lifestyle and allows you to operate at your next level.

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