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December 1, 2022

“Joy makes the longest journey too short.”

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I really like today’s positivity quote - “Joy makes the longest journey too short.” Joy is one the most underrated qualities in life. There’s an energy, enthusiasm, and fun-loving nature to it that consumes you and transforms an experience. Time seems to just pass without your awareness of it, which is implied in the quote - when you’re experiencing joy you never want it to end.

As adults, I feel like we don’t let ourselves experience joy very often. We feel like we need to maintain a certain perception about who we are that is professional, composed, and controlled. We don’t always allow our personalities to shine because we don’t want people to think of us differently.

If I may, I think this actually comes back to our deepest insecurities. Sometimes we restrict our own self-expression because we’re afraid that we’re going to mess things up. This could threaten our livelihood and ability to take care of those we care most about, and the cost doesn’t seem worth it.

But that’s a misguided conclusion. When you can be yourself you’ll find that you actually create more opportunities for yourself. People develop a stronger impression of you, they feel like they know you, and they want to invest in you. So tap into more authentic joy more often and be your silly, goofy, weird self! As with anything there’s a time and place for it, and I’m encouraging you to be yourself more often and in more places.

Beyond overcoming some of the restrictions you’ve placed on yourself, how can you experience more joy in life? I have 3 ideas. 

First is to be more curious. When you find intrigue and a fascination for things, you’ll feel more emotionally moved by it. Second is to work toward mastering something. There are few things more gratifying than solving a puzzle, finding ways to improve and optimize even the smallest things, and observing the way you make progress on something. It is intrinsically enjoyable! And then last, doubling down on your personality, surround yourself with the people that bring the best out of you. The people you can confidently be yourself with, doing the things you want to do, because it will help you gain confidence that who you are at your core is valued, appreciated, and good enough.

When you tap into more joy more often you’ll find that you’ll go farther, faster, and harder without even realizing it. And that will carry you toward more fulfillment and more abundance!

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