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August 7, 2020

It Is Enough with Chalene Johnson

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We live in such a consumerist society that encourages us to get more... and more... and more... Then when we get it we see that we’re not "there" yet so we keep pushing and sacrificing and exerting ourselves beyond our means to attain something that will always evade us. My ambitions are out of this world, trust me, and I’m proud of them, but they are not everything. I need to find value in who I am right now, not who I want to be, what I want to have, and what I want to do. That’s something Chalene Johnson taught me:

It’s the truth - An aligned life includes satisfaction and fulfillment. If we’re always off chasing something else that will validate us then we’ll never experience the joy of the present. We’ll never appreciate it, and that’s a sad thought and no way to live. But with a little more awareness, and an emphasis on being mindful in the moment, we can find the joy and fulfillment we so desperately seek. Give yourself some credit, cut yourself some slack, and accept that you are enough, and it is enough.

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