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July 6, 2023

“It all can be different tomorrow.”

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The one thing that will never change about life is that change is constant. Life is so dynamic and responsive to the environment around us that we constantly need to evolve ourselves to keep up. 

This leaves us all with an interesting opportunity, if things are changing around us, what’s our role in it? There are two different ways that things go. You can just inherit the way that things naturally shift around you and try to do your best with it, or you can be the force that initiates change and shapes the way the future is being created.

With that in mind I want to share today’s positivity quote - “It all can be different tomorrow.” 

It’s within your power to wake up tomorrow morning and mend your relationships with that person who means so much to you. It can be the day that you get serious about your health and wellness by committing to a new fitness plan. That you take on that overwhelming task you’ve had on your mind to create peace of mind. That you find the confidence to stand up for the value you offer in your work.

That is you creating your future, being in charge of what happens to you with ownership and agency. And the day that you accept that responsibility as yours is the day that you begin to control your destiny.

Jim Rohn is an iconic personal development orator, impacting millions of people in his lifetime, and he has a classic line that goes “I didn't change your life. I was just the last person you were listening to when you chose to change your life.”

Perhaps, right now, I can be that person for you. If you know that you’re operating at a fraction of your potential and you just need an infusion of motivation, some accountability, some new habits and systems that are more representative of who you know you can be, then make the decision right now to change your life.

And the way that you make that decision is to focus on the foundational pieces of self-improvement that most people are overlooking, and it’s the reasons why they’re struggling to be more consistent and feeling held back. 

We can address that together in the Best Self Breakthrough Challenge. The Challenge only takes 5 minutes a day for 21 days but that’s all it takes to install of the life operating system that you can use to improve anything about your life, reach elite levels of consistency and productivity, and build momentum that inspires you to show up as the best version of yourself in every moment of every day.

I can’t change your life, I wish I could, but I can be the person you listen to when you choose to change your life. You can take that step for yourself by registering right now for the Best Self Breakthrough Challenge. And seriously, do it right now because it’s a live challenge and we’re getting started on Monday, so don’t make a mistake and miss this opportunity.

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