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February 2, 2020

How To Become An Overnight Success

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How do you become an overnight success?

It sounds pretty appealing. We associate success with fulfillment, purpose, and validation, which are components we all are seeking in our life.

We all know someone who has been an overnight success. Other ways you might have heard it are they “blew up” or “are killing it”. Their path seemed so easy. One day they woke up and boom! They’re crushing it and they have all of this inbound interest and became the asset other people wanted to work with because “success” follows them around.

But structuring success as a process that happens overnight is narrow-minded. At first, it may seem lucky or coincidental, but that is far from the truth. It’s about awareness.

That overnight success has actually been compounding micro success for quite some time. That measurement has been internal, and no one else is truly aware of the progress, so they’re comparing the new successful state to the previous state which is zero. That way it seems like the success came overnight, when in reality it was brewing and stewing over time without anyone noticing it. 

This is an issue, because what happens is we feel like and know we’re making progress and no one else sees it. This makes us question or motivation to push on because we rely on others to validate our own interpretations, and often pushes us toward quitting or giving up.

So, What's the secret to being an overnight success? Work hard for a long time, with faith in your process and confidence in your ability!

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