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September 16, 2018

Have a Mentor

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Mentorship is a hot topic these days, and rightfully so. Having a mentor helps in all facets of your life both professionally and personally.  

But why is mentorship so valuable? First, the experience you gain in mentorship is very valuable. Having someone who has been in that situation before, with the ability to reflect as a third party, is an incredibly powerful opinion to have on your side. It helps you understand the implications of your decisions on a larger scale.

But, not only do mentors provide big picture advice, they are extremely effective working in specifics and specialties. In my experience in entrepreneurship, I have received incredible advice from mentors who provided direction in otherwise aimless situations. Shoutout to my brother and mentor, Brian Rashid, for that guidance!

So, spend some time this week really thinking about a few people that you want to work closer with as a mentor. 

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