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July 24, 2018

Go First

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I’m going to challenge you with this one because it is really uncomfortable by nature, but if you can manage it, you are 10 steps ahead of everyone else. The reason it’s so hard to do is literally because only one person can do it.

Challenge yourself to be the person that goes first. Whether you speak first in a string of presentations, ask the first question after a speech, or even you’re the first one to go down a scary waterslide, going first is a small act but has large implications.  

One part is the mentality associated with it. Going first requires confidence because you are the one to break the barrier and set expectations for everyone else, which is a lot of pressure. This is just like standing out in a crowd. This also builds a confidence that will be on display in other parts of your life.

The second part is what it can do for relationships. We all have a natural egocentrism, and place a huge priority on things that pertain to ourselves. This means that when we are waiting for our turn, we pay less attention to other people until we have had our turn. By going first, you can give everyone your full attention. Also, you will be better positioned to have a more productive follow up with that individual that will strengthen the relationship.

Implementing this tip is pretty easy. Make yourself go first the next time you can. It’ll be nerve-wrecking, and uncomfortable, but for the best. Just do it and find out why!

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