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December 5, 2018

"Give thanks for a little and receive a lot"

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When we give thanks, or express gratitude, we do so expecting nothing in return. It’s a way of appreciating everything you have, nothing more, and being at peace with that. That’s why it is so fascinating to me that in this state of giving thanks, that’s when you find something new!

Give thanks for a little, and you will find a lot.  

To add, the quote in itself has contrast. That‘s because a little thanks does go a long, long way! By expressing gratitude in small amounts, you train your brain to see more gratitude in the future. With that training your level of gratitude grows beyond measure! This is the exact concept in the B.A.G. technique I shared earlier in the week. Count your blessings. More blessings are on the way!

When taking a position of gratitude, you reflect on the positive things in your life. Even if the road to get where you are today was bumpy and misguided, it still led you exactly where you’re meant to be, and that’s something worth being grateful for!

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