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March 19, 2019

See Things Through with David Meltzer

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I want to share this thought by the always inspirational, sports marketing wizard David Meltzer.

Try to see things through, and like David said, 99% is still stopping short. Sure, the end is in sight, and the result at 99% is no different than the result at 100%.  You may be right, but just in case you’re not, wouldn’t you want to find out?

David believes that last one percent, the extra mile, is an area many people don’t enter, and therefore, it is rich with opportunity. He also believes in the mentality of pursuing 100% and going all-in in the things you do and seeing things through to their entirety, minimizes regret and teaches a valuable lesson.

The difference between ordinary, and extraordinary, is a little extra, that last 1%. Cheesy quote aside, small differences can actually be large differences if you give them the chance to be!

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