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February 11, 2020

Give Love For No Reason

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When it comes down to it, all of us just want to be loved. It’s in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and it’s something that is important to each and everyone of us. What’s interesting is, when we think about love, we think about receiving but we don’t think about giving it. And the thing is, it’s just as important.

A perfect example of this is an event I went to a few months ago that recently became top of mind again. I’ve gotten into a workout group called November project, and they’re a very supportive and fun-loving group, so they hosted a cheering section at a 10k to root their friends on in the race! I decided to go and support, see some friends, why not? And I’m so glad I did. It was very different experience than I expected because, there were 10 people we were there to specifically cheer for, but continued on to support thousands more who were participating. 

And since we were there, we poured our heart and soul out for each and every person that passed us, complete strangers, rooting them on, just because.

It was powerful to look someone in the eye, say something encouraging, and see their response. You could see their spirit lift and mentality shift all because they felt supported. It was also powerful to serve someone while expecting absolutely nothing in return. The feeling of taking a complete position of service was really grounding.

And that brings us back to the first point I made. When it comes to thinking about love, we default to receiving love and not really giving love. But what happens is, when you give love, it ends up serving you in the way that you feel validated by serving others.

Give love for no reason. Wish someone a good day, give out a high five, shoot someone a smile. What this does is it creates ripples in this world that invites more goodness, returning back to you stronger, and helping you to perpetuate it.

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