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April 10, 2019

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

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Something we overlook in life is how much we accomplish every day. Even when it seems like we didn’t get anything done, we can look back at the big things. The hours we spent working, and the small things like making your bed and preparing lunch.  Everything that gets done is a task completed and deserves some recognition.  But, where does that recognition go?

The key takeaway is to give credit where credit is due, meaning, make sure that praise and recognition falls on the right person. There are three different ways to go about that.

1. Especially when working in a team, it’s important to realize that everyone plays their own unique role in the project. The result could not have been possible without everyone’s contribution. In that case, the credit goes to the masses, not the individual.

2. When you are in a management position, and capable of delegating work to others, be sure to make your role as supervisor second to the work of the person tackling the task. This empowers others to take ownership of their work, and earn the result they receive. This is giving credit to someone else.

3. Don’t be shy when acknowledging yourself. If you truly are the fundamental reason something got done, the person that provided the breakthrough solution, or the worker that put in the necessary hours to finish a project, don’t hesitate to give yourself the credit. I understand there is a fine line between self-promotion and taking credit, but at least intrinsically it is important to acknowledge and recognize your own efforts.

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