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May 3, 2021

Gathering The Right Community with Susan McPherson

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Susan McPherson, a serial connector in the social good space, has game-changing theories about growing your network. She utilizes the Gather-Ask-Do method of building meaningful relationships, allowing for reciprocal value to be shared and created for all parties involved. If you want to have stronger professional relationships most definitely can implement Susan’s Gather Ask Do framework, and your best suited starting at the beginning by learning how to gather the right community.

The Gather phase requires you to first become self-aware about what you’re looking for in a relationship, then also identify how you can build a community around your own goals. Then finally, it involves learning what you have to offer those people to help them with their personal mission. A theme in Susan’s book “The Lost Art of Connecting” is all about how you can lead with helping others, and the Gather phase is very much about being of service to the right group of people.

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