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April 10, 2024

Doing Things Better

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We live in a society of options. There’s no shortage of ways to do things or things to try. Education is no longer a differentiator because knowledge is so easily accessible.  This means that when something doesn’t appear to be working, we can so easily move on to something else in pursuit of doing better things.

However, I’ve found that the faster path to getting what you want isn’t to keep jumping from thing to thing to find the best... But rather to just do things better. Often the issue isn’t the tool, it’s our ability to use it.

This reminds me of what Tony Robbins says about resources and resourcefulness - Lacking resources isn’t the problem, a lack of resourcefulness is. When you find ways to do more with what you’ve got, you’d be surprised to find out how far the raw materials you have will take you.

A question I get all the time is “What’s the best productivity software to use?” Is it Todoist, Notion, Asana? My answer is always the same - The best tool is the one you can use well. They all do just about the same thing with the smallest of differences between them, and all of them will fall short of expectations if you don’t know how to use productivity systems well.

This parallels a thought that Jim Rohn popularized, “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.”

We don’t need better things, advanced technologies, innovative strategies, or anything new to create new results. Of course there’s opportunity in that, but the bigger opportunity is to simply place your focus on doing things better.

Your results and outcomes are within your control. There’s no silver bullet or fast-hack that will make you an overnight success. Progress is earned through incremental improvement, and that means you need to be hands on in building the skills required to do things better.

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