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July 31, 2018

Do the New

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This message comes from Luann Con and she teaches us this simple, but effective trick.

"I had to start something big and symbolic and way outside my comfort zone. We could not think of anything bigger than the polar bear plunge in Atlantic City, New Years Day. I am terrified of the ocean. I do not go into the ocean in the middle of summer much less the middle of winter. And I hate the cold. When we get there, I am shaking in my bathing suit, and I am thinking I'd like to quit before we even start. Fortunate, this lovely guy in a speedo who I do not know, grabs my hand and pulls me into the ocean and I fall face down. Something happened. There was a shift. I felt different. I felt exhilarated and alive in a way I haven't faced in a long time. An that is the first day I felt the power of Do the New".

In the Ted Talk, she goes on to talk about the science of do the new, which essentially wakes up our brain from autopilot and helps us process time and also give us a kick of dopamine too.

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