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January 6, 2023

Clear It Before It Piles Up

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We’ve all been there…There’s some small task that you know you need to do, but it’s so small that you put it off for a bit. Then you forget about it and it becomes a little more urgent but also, a little more difficult to complete. And because it’s difficult you find a way to procrastinate on it and before you know it now you have a big problem that grew out of a tiny little seed of a challenge.

I can certainly relate with this - The mail piles up and it becomes a chore to get through it. The rusting gets worse until the appliance is no longer usable. When these small things go unaddressed, they turn into issues with consequences.

Now relating it back to personal development, this unresolved, neglected gunk in our personal lives does the same thing. There was something small going on that you were willing to tolerate for a bit... Then it grew into a bigger problem and became more overwhelming to fix, and it turned into something it didn’t need to be because of negligence. If only you would have “nipped it in the bud”, what came of it all would have been avoided.

This happens when your boundaries are crossed and you don’t enforce them. When there’s a difficult conversation you need to have but things seem to be sitting in limbo. When there’s a big decision you need to make and you put it off, making both options less desirable.

I get it, when it’s small, it’s hard to intervene. Especially when it doesn't seem like a big deal. But it’s kind of embarrassing to face up with the fact that you neglected something and now have to pay the price for it.

So the lesson here - When something comes up and it’s not great, but not awful, it’s best to just clear it up. Engage someone in that honest conversation, get the help you need before it’s critical, and reset the situation back to its normal balance before it runs to the far end of the spectrum. 

It takes energy and emotion to clear things up from the onset, but it will take way more of it, and it will cost you lost time if you put it off. So get proactive about level-setting your life and watch the inconveniences start to resolve themselves without the frustration they normally bring.

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