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March 9, 2023

"Chase greatness over success."

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I was listening to an incredible podcast episode between Ed Mylett and Lewis Howes and learned a valuable distinction between success and greatness. This insight is a centerpoint to Howes’ new book “The Greatness Mindset”.

Success is a very elusive thing. We often associate it with achievements, accomplishments, and accolades. There’s an extrinsic component to it that motivates us to attain a certain thing. I’ll be a success when I get a raise or a promotion, when I buy my dream house, when I win that award. It’s almost conditional in nature.

The problem is, as we delay our self-perception of being successful we inadvertently postpone our happiness, believing that we’ll find it when we’re successful. This is only until we realize how empty it is once we hit the goals we set for ourselves, and they weren’t fulfilling.

Even though we’ve been taught to change our relationship with success and define it for ourselves so that we don’t get trapped by comparing ourselves to others, it is still very self-centered. At the end of the day it’s about your goals and dreams.

As I paraphrase Howes’ philosophy - Greatness is actually what we’re after, not success. It’s about engaging other people in your goals and dreams so that they win with you. There’s a shift from ‘me’ to ‘we’ that the best leaders in the world can espouse and inspire in the people around them.

With that in mind, let’s take a pause. You’re motivated, ambitious, hard-working, and committed to making the most out of this gift called life. How can you make it more other people? How can your example be the torch that other people get to follow toward their goals and their dreams? 

It’s a subtle shift… But the more you can lead from a place of service, the more you'll actually experience the deep fulfillment you’re chasing. We all have greatness inside of us, and Lewis Howes’ new book just might be your way to tap into it! You can check out Howes' new book by clicking here!

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