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August 13, 2021

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

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It’s unavoidable in life that we’ll experience challenges and setbacks. These roadblocks may seem to cause issues, but in reality they’re  just stepping stones in your path that are present for a clear reason. With the right mentality you can smile through the struggle and immerse yourself in the bigger vision rather than the short term inconvenience.

The way I like articulating this mindset is as “Can’t stop, won’t stop”. The ‘can’t stop’ side refers to the momentum. You are already so invested in something that you couldn’t slow down if you tried. Like a train on the tracks with a bunch of speed, stopping isn’t even an option. This cultivates a certain commitment and necessity around the task in front of you.

Then the second piece is the ‘won’t stop’ side. Even if you could stop, you don’t want to. This is the resilient spirit, the piece of you that is so steadfast in the pursuit that you won’t consider an alternative. There’s a strong identity piece to this because it’s not up for debate, you’ve decided what you want and you’re pursuing it relentlessly.

Now how does this work in practice? In a workout where you’re pushed to your physical boundary - “Can’t stop, won’t stop”.  In a collaboration opportunity you’re pitching really hard, and you receive some disappointing feedback - “Can’t stop, won’t stop.” When barriers are present you break through them with momentum and conviction. Nothing can get in between you and what you want. When you start thinking this way by default get ready because you’re about to take off!

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