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March 3, 2020

Block Out 30 Minutes 3 Times a Day

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I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Ducker, a multifaceted entrepreneur and the author of the book "Youpreneur". He is busy hustling all over the world for speaking gigs, events, meetings, conferences, and when I was asking him about work-life balance he had something really interesting to say. He said that in his calendar, he blocks out half an hour, three times a day, every day, at the same time of day, to do whatever he wants.

I couldn’t believe it. Someone with the schedule and productivity of 3 people combined takes an hour and a half, during work hours, to do whatever he wants.

Although he often spends his time doing work, it’s the intent behind it. He listens to his needs. If he’s behind on work, or knows something could use a little extra attention, he spends time there. If he notices that he has been neglecting his self-care, then he recenters and rests. He even talked about his favorite iPhone game that he enjoys playing when he needs a mental reset!

But what’s ironic is, he schedules time to do nothing.

This was all born out of his experience going through corporate burnout, working long hours, sacrificing in ways he didn’t want to, and ultimately affecting his life in unacceptable ways. What he has found is that he performs so much better now since he started prioritizing the individual before the work.

In the hustle of life we lose sight of our humanity, and Chris Ducker’s story goes to show us that we don’t need to push beyond our means to accomplish great things.

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