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February 6, 2023

Be Yourself, Louder

Listen Now:

You’re amazing!! Not sure if you needed to hear that but it never hurts :) 

What you have to offer the world is incredible. You are talented, you are powerful, and you’re only just getting started. The world doesn't need you to be anyone other than who you are.

But unfortunately, a lot of us resign to living a diluted version of our personalities. We fear that we’ll embarrass ourselves, draw negative attention to ourselves, or inadvertently put ourselves in harm's way... So we prevent it from happening at all by dimming our shine. 

The world needs you at full-speed attacking things quickly and confidently. The world needs you on fire with burning passion. The world needs you charged up so that you can activate to your fullest capacity! We’d all miss the goodness you have to offer if you only allow a fraction of yourself to be expressed.

So with all of that in mind - Be yourself, louder!

Don’t apologize about your methods or process. No one can take on your mission like you can.

Don’t dilute your dreams and aspirations because someone else is projecting their fears onto you. Let people know what you care about and that you’re pursuing it relentlessly.

Don’t turn your volume down at someone’s request because it makes them feel uncomfortable. Live your life how you want to and dance to the beat of your own drum.

I know, this is all easy to say and much harder to do in practice. Not only can it make you feel anxious to put yourself out there but it’s difficult to know what a louder version of yourself even looks like. 

And that’s where I want to give you a quick piece of advice - In order to amplify your life, you need to come to terms with who you are. Self-acceptance is a key element to a fulfilled, inspired life. It’s not enough to know who you are and who you’re not, you need to feel at peace with it and lean into your strengths.

So my ask of you is to shine a light on those parts of yourself that you don’t like, that you’re avoiding or that you’re not proud of. Come to terms with the role that it plays in your life and how it has been a part of creating who you are today.  

I’ve gone through this process and continue to immerse myself in it every day, and while sometimes it hurts or is confusing, I’ve discovered the next level of myself on the other side of everything that was holding me back!

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