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September 1, 2019

Be On Time

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The importance of being on time. Being on time means that you are reliable. This in turn means others trust you more, which will result in better relationships and more opportunities coming your way. Did you notice what all of those reasons have in common? They are external. It’s what being on time does for others perception of you.

What about how you perceive yourself? You show up on time because you identify as being reliable. You show up on time because it’s important to be prepared. You show up on time because that’s the standard you hold yourself to. These days people are always talking about how time is money. Time is our greatest asset, and if you can’t be on time, then you affirm to yourself that you aren’t taking yourself seriously.

At the end of the day, being on time is the foot in the door to showing up in life. over time, with consistent action, this show up mentality compounds into an unspoken confidence that allows you to be more effective any time you enter the room. Now that’s a goal worth pursuing, but don’t over complicate it, it all starts by showing up on time.

if you just aren’t good at it, then design for that. Give yourself an extra 20 minutes in scheduling, set alarms and reminders, be proactive about taking care of things that slow you down. But fundamentally it’s about more than all of that. it’s about having the self-respect to show up on time.

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