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November 1, 2023

At Capacity

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One of the greatest limiting factors to doing all of the things we want to do is our personal capacity. No one is immune to this. We are all constrained by the same factors of time, energy, and focus. This is why it’s so important for us to have our priorities straight, so that we don’t neglect the things that are most important to us because we’ve run out of capacity.

How do you know when you’re at capacity? It’s when the idea of taking anything else on seems overwhelming or impossible. When you already have so much that you’re juggling, and things are starting to slip through the cracks because you can’t manage all of your current commitments. Living at capacity or beyond is stressful because you fail to do things with the same amount of quality as you’d like to, and you see the consequences of it.

However, while we do each have a personal capacity, that's not to say we can’t change the extent of it. We absolutely can manage all of our current commitments by doing the same things in less time, with less energy, and with less distraction.


Efficiency and leverage.

When you do things more efficiently it means you’re putting in less resources to achieve the same output. Every time you get more efficient you accumulate leverage, allowing you to do more with less.

One of the easiest ways to create leverage and efficiencies is by building systems. A system is a routine way of doing things to create a very specific outcome. So if you want to create a better outcome with less effort, a system can help you to achieve that.

Examples include: Systems for decision making so that you can say ‘no’ to things that stretch you too far. Systems of prioritization so that you can manage your time as effectively as possible. Systems of self-care habits so that you can be consistent in doing the things that put you in a peak state. 

In fact, I’d argue that when we’re at capacity it’s just an indicator that we’ve reached the limit of our current systems. Everything in our life runs on systems whether you know what they are or not, and when you upgrade your systems, you upgrade your capacity and start to do more with less.

There’s one, most fundamental system to your self-improvement that you didn’t realize was at capacity, and it’s likely keeping you at a plateau of getting the same results no matter what you try. It could explain why you’re not as consistent with your exercise as you’d like to be, getting more distracted on social media than you’d like to admit, and not having the depth of conversations and connection with others that you desire.

And you can upgrade that system, in just 21 days, by installing the Super Habits System. Click here to learn what the super habits are and master them in just 3 weeks!

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