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November 23, 2022

A Positive Approach To Self-Discipline

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When you think of the word self-discipline, what usually comes to mind? For most people it’s thoughts of restriction and restraint. Many people think that when you practice self-discipline you’re overcoming temptations in order to prioritize what’s best for you in the long-run rather than what might feel good in the short-term.

This negative approach to self-discipline is likely because of it’s associations to other meanings of the word “discipline”. When you discipline a child it means that you’re scolding them and showing that there are consequences when they have bad behavior. When you think of self-discipline in this way, it creates a pressure to be a certain way and the motivation to be disciplined is pulled from the wrong source.

A more constructive, productive, and positive approach to self-discipline is to make it that your staying discipline more about doing things the right way rather than not doing it the wrong way. Meaning, if you ‘play to win’ and reward yourself for positive performance rather than reprimand yourself for lapses in performance, you feel much more inspired to be disciplined.

So how does this philosophy transfer over into your life? It’s about celebrating more and acknowledging yourself more often. It’s taking a moment to remind yourself about a job well done even if you might not naturally think to celebrate it. That means when you set higher standards for yourself and feel stretched to achieve them, you feel pulled by positive emotions to follow through rather than pressured to meet the task at minimum to stay compliant.

While your self-discipline practice will always include both positive and negative motivational forces, it’s important to recognize the ways in which both serve you. I think just about everyone in the world agrees that having more self-discipline and self-control is a good thing, and just like anything else you can improve it with practice and consistency.

So if you want to start being more self-disciplined, getting more consistent with the health, professional, educational, and mindset practices that make up the best version of yourself, I want to invite you to the Best-Self Breakthrough 21 Day Challenge. In this challenge I take you through a step by step process that helps you build more self-discipline in your life so that you can feel ready to take on the world and have unstoppable momentum. We can make 2023 the best, most productive and fulfilling year of your life that sets the tone for your future. And this challenge is your first step forward toward it. Register for the Best-Self Breakthrough Challenge here!

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