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June 23, 2019

A Message from Mom

Listen Now:

My mom sent over a quote that really stood out to me not too long ago. The message reminded me to change my approach about Mondays. Instead of giving in to the Monday blues, we can greet the new week with open arms and a fresh mindset. 

The quote is from SC Lourie that states, “We start the week off all wrong. We start the week off thinking of all the things we need to get done, the projects that need completing, the duties that need fulfilling and then we wonder why we are so tired and uninspired by the end of the week. Try something else this time. Before you write down your things to do list, put together a special people to see list and a beautiful moments to have list.  And make your week first in your heart about the people you want to be with, the moments you want to have, the love that you want to give yourself.  Because, darling, at the end of our lives, the tasks we generally got done won’t mean anything at all. It will be about who we are, who we have close by, and the beautiful moments we allowed ourselves to experience. And it should be like that now. Not just at the end, but here, now, as well.  That’s how we minimize our regrets. That’s how we savour being alive".

I don’t know if there’s much more I can say than that. I guess at the core of it, just make time for the people who matter, because that’s what counts.

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