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January 7, 2019

2% Mindset

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It’s true that there is something unique and different inside each and every one of us. Between genetics, environment, and relationships, we all see and do things a little differently.  But this concept extends to our own capabilities, and is a bit misinformed. We think that we are better at something than we actually are because we overvalue our own uniqueness. This concept is demonstrated in the results of a driving study where the great majority of subjects rated their own driving in the 70th percentile. This provides some obvious insight into inflated perceptions we have of our own capabilities.

What does it take to truly be different, and to really be in the top of the top in life? Some would argue that it requires having a 2% mindset.

The key component to a 2% mindset is being able to overcome fear.  Most people prefer to stay in their comfort zone, which is perfectly acceptable, but limiting. It is the protection from failure and the comfortability of familiarity that reinforces this decision. Should you choose to be in the 2%, you need to be willing to take risks, act in spite of fear, embrace change, enjoy the unknown, and take chances.

It’s not for everybody. I would even hesitate to say that I have a 2% mindset. I prefer routine, organization, and security. Does that mean I can’t be outrageously successful? I don’t think so, but it does keep me from pursuing some of the opportunities that might lead to that big break.

Have self-awareness, know who you are, and live the life you want to live.

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