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January 4, 2023

1% Better Is 14:24

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We talk a lot about getting better every single day. Even if it’s just 1%, every little bit counts, especially when you do it consistently. But have you ever done the math on it? Do you know what it takes to actually dedicate 1% of your day to improvement?

When I met Brian Cane, the host of a podcast called Mental Performance Daily, he simplified this thought for me. He said that 1% of 24 hours is just 14 minutes and 24 seconds. If we want to transform our life by getting 1% better every single day, we don’t need to invest more than a quarter of an hour. I don’t care how busy you are, if you really care about your future and maximizing your potential you can find 15 minutes in a day to do so.

But as you know, your growth needs to be intentional. As I see it there are two ways to grow - either you raise your standards or you stretch your capacity. In either case, it’s going to feel uncomfortable because you’re doing something different. But therein lies the key - If you want to truly maximize the time you’re investing in your development, it’s important that you pursue genuine, uncomfortable growth.

So let’s make this practical, you truly want to get 1% better every day, what does that mean? It means you need to start doing something differently than you used to, that is representative of a better version of yourself, for just under 15 minutes a day.

According to Brian Johnson from Heroic, the group that introduced me to Brian Cane (I know there are too many Brian’s!), there’s one question that will help you truly identify this opportunity for growth within yourself. He asks, “What’s the one thing you could start doing that you know will most radically change your life if you started today?” 

Think about that. 

What’s the one thing you could start doing that you know will most radically change your life if you started today?

Your task, if you choose to accept it, is to engage in a version of that behavior for 15 minutes. For me, it’s to better manage my energy throughout the day. I have a 3 minute energy revival routine that, if I do it 5 times over the course of the day, it will transform my energy and my life.

That’s what it takes! It’s doable, but it takes commitment. It’s not going to happen on its own. In order to get new results you need to make new decisions to take new actions. Simple as that. And hopefully, this perspective around your growth inspires you to take a bold step toward the best version of yourself.

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