Stop Procrastinating Program

Stop Procrastinating Program

How good would it feel if you CONSISTENTLY did the things you said you were going to do?

How productive would you be if you had the DISCIPLINE to get yourself to do what you know is best for you?

You stop snoozing and wake up every day inspired... You start exercising regularly and feel more energized.... You start meditating consistently and get more creative and aligned...

You'll realize that you can do anything you set your mind to. You'll be unstoppable! Once you get started.

The Process

Every month we'll have a series of live calls that will take you step-by-step through my personal "action-taking" framework. You'll get the structure, ideas, and support you need to start doing the things you've always wanted to do.

Set Up Calls - On the first Monday of every month we'll meet for two hours in a group video call to...

  • Clearly define the habit you want to incorporate in your life
  • Design your environment to make it more conducive to the action you want to take
  • Make contingency plans that help you to get back on track if you mess up once or twice
  • Create systems of behavior tracking and measurement to know exactly what's working for you
  • Partner with another like-minded person who will help you be consistent and accountable

Check In Calls- After two weeks of putting your habit into practice we will reconvene to ensure your success by...

  • Making adjustments where necessary to help you stay on track
  • Remember the reasons why you're so committed to making a change
  • Connect your behavior to other areas of your life so that you can maximize the payoffs you experience

Win a life-long battle for only $1 a day / $30 a month

Procrastination will continue to slow you down and hold you back until you address it. Getting the resources you need to make this small lifestyle change can truly change your life.

After seeing positive results in one small area of your life, where you've struggled to be consistent in the past, you'll realize you are capable of so much more!



You'll start believing that YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU SET YOUR MIND TO.

And we'll replicate this same framework month over month to build a life that you're truly proud of, and help you be the person you know you can be!

Stop saying that you'll do it "one day"... Let today be your "day one". And take action with only one dollar a day.

Have the courage to invest in yourself and not just in the short-term benefit of having better habits, but the the inspired future you deserve to have.

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! Stand up against your procrastination habits by registering RIGHT NOW for the Stop Procrastinating Program!

Reach out to with any questions.

Stop Procrastinating Program