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September 1, 2020

Your BS Is Your Belief System

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You know all of that stuff that comes into your life and seems to weigh you down or force you off course? It’s all of the bullshit you deal with throughout the day. My boss wants me to do this task that isn’t worth my time. My car broke down and now I spend time and money getting it fixed. My best friend went around my back and is really pissing me off. All of that sucks, right? Or maybe that’s just the meaning you’re choosing to make out of the situation.

If you find yourself negatively affected by these little inconveniences, maybe you need to rethink why you view those things as so inconvenient. A powerful reality about our existence is we always have choice, and your decision to attribute negative meaning to an event is your way of handling the situation.

That’s why I’m saying - Your BS is your belief system. If you perceive something as negative it’s because your beliefs say it is so. We need to understand how deeply rooted our beliefs are, and how often they are being exercised without our conscious awareness.

If your boss wants you to do some menial task, why do you see it as menial? If you zoom out and approach it with empathy, do you understand why it needs to get done? Maybe you're the only person she trusts to get the job done.  Or if your friend goes around our back, maybe that’s their indirect way of asking for help. Maybe this is a huge breakthrough in your relationship because it’s creating a platform for them to be vulnerable with you.

The BS in your life is only there because you choose to let it be BS, and that choice exists within what you conclude to be true based on your beliefs. It’s a matter of perspective. The “bullshit” you deal with might be someone else’s dream. It’s only perceived as bullshit because you believe it to be so. 

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