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August 12, 2021

"You cannot feel bad enough for someone to make them feel better."

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After reading (again) David Meltzer’s book “Connected to Goodness”, I found a line in it that I thought was perfect to reflect on. The line is: “You cannot feel bad enough for someone to make them feel better.” This thought really jumped out at me when I read it because it illustrates a fundamental of life.  Commiserating or putting yourself through personal sacrifice doesn’t help anyone, but it can make things worse. 

If you truly want to help someone you need to put out an energy that creates the environment for them to receive what they need. Meltzer shares about this is an example - If someone offends you or attempts to make you feel bad, pray for their happiness. Be above the insult because and be a part of creating the environment that is most conducive to a positive outcome.

Now let’s relate this back to positivity. In a sea of darkness it does not help to be dark. Everything can be lit up by one courageous soul who chooses to share their light. David Meltzer has also been quoted saying “One particle of light outshines millions of particles of darkness”. To me this means that we are singularly capable of inspiring change and having influence on a massive level, simply through the choice of being positive.

Of course there’s more sensitivity to these situations then that, it’s not always appropriate to be enthusiastically positive when someone is in despair, but now we know that even in subtle ways you can inject more positivity in the environment and it will go a long way!

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